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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dark Speed Bag Mount

One of the limitations of the current Specialized Shiv is the ability to mount bags on the top tube.  New bikes such as the Cervelo P5, Trek Speed Concept and BMC all now include bidon mounts on the top tube and a number of bag manufacturers are now making bags specifically for these mounts.

Whilst the Specialized Shiv doesn't contain such mounts and drilling into the frame would be dangerous the Fuelselage cover does create an opportunity to mount a bag.

The hard plastic fuelselage cover is held in place by a standard size M3 screw.  The first step was to drill another hole within the plastic cover.

Two holes were then drilled in the plastic former within the bag so that screws could be passed through that align with the standard and new cover holes.  A nylex nut was then used on the new bolt to secure the bag.

The cover was then replaced ensuring the tab fitted into the frame.  The screw without the nut simply screwed down into the existing thread within the frame.  Most of the velcro straps on the bag were now unnecessary and were cut off however for stability purposes the strap furtherest from the head stem was shortened and utilised.

Note this means the internal bladder cannot be used however I use seat mounted bottles so this is not a major concern versus carrying sufficient gels etc.

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