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Monday, 18 June 2012

Autovation and Discipline

This morning the alarm went off at 5am.  I listened and heard the sound of steady rain outside.  I also had a REALLY busy day ahead with lots to do.  A perfect combination of excuses.

So I put on my cycling gear and went out riding with four other people who got up at the same time and who had the same busy days.

Some would say this is a sign of motivation.  I would say it is a sign of AUTOVATION.  The term 'auto' comes from the greek meaning 'self' or 'ones own'.  By the way - you probably wont find Autovation in the dictionary, I made it up but it makes a lot more sense to me..

The point is that motivation is not something that others provide you.  Motivation (or autovation) is something that needs to come from within - a desire to meet or achieves ones goals.

It is not the coaches job to provide motivation.  The coach brings the skills, science and experiences to combine with the athletes Autovation to help them rapidly achieve their goals - to give the person options and alternatives when things such as injuries or 'life' gets in the way. The coach provides accountability but if the person doesnt want to do it there isnt much the coach can do.

An athlete with no motivation finds excuses.  An athlete with autovation finds a way.

It's Raining and Dangerous        -      Get on the trainer
The pool is closed                      -      Get in the gym
I have a bad ankle/achilles         -      Get in the pool or do some core.

I often hear the term Discipline but what does that mean ?  Is a person that gets home at 7:30 every night to watch (insert favorite reality show here) any more disciplined than someone that leaves work to get to the pool at 7:30 ?  Not really.  The difference is in the choices they make and the autovation they have.

If you dont have autovation to train or achieve a physical goal that is OK - not everyone does.  How many people join gyms in the first week of the year and then stop going ?

Being fit and healthy and comfortable in your clothes is over rated anyway ;)

Tomorrow - set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier. Then when it goes off ask yourself WHY are your doing this, what is your goal and why you want to achieve it.

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